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The Garage Kids: Imagine.Make.Enjoy


The Garage Kids is an after-school club for children to grow their talents, explore their passions, develop their character, and learn creative skills in the three pillars of: Imagine. Make. Enjoy.

a) IMAGINE: imagineering and producing beauty with pen, brush, or a camera. Activities include arts, calligraphy, photography, film-making, and creative writing.
b) MAKE: turning junk into smart and useful things. This include STEM programs, coding, robotics, and electronics. We run Makers club for this.
c) ENJOY: producing joy! We form The Garage Band with activities that include musical instruments, fitness and dance, and theatre and acting.


Our Way..

  1. We believe that community is the third teacher. For that our club takes a social format where all Garagers feel like one family. It also makes everyone engaged and committed. 

  2. We believe in accumulative learning. For that we run our workshops in subscription-based cycles. Each cycle is 6 sessions.

  3. We believe in experiential learning, and for that we organize trips and camps.

  4. We believe in project-based learning, and for that we run a project in each cycle that covers one of the three main pillars (Imagine.Make.Enjoy). 

  5. We believe in outcome-based learning, and for that we design our projects so that they have an end result. Because Garagers are Makers and they like to produce (rather than consume).

  6. We believe in the coaching approach. For this we have a chief coach for every group of Garagers. The coach will serve as a role-model and a mentor.

  7. We believe that creativity happens when we run projects from different cross-disciplines. For that, we rotate our projects from imagineering stories, to making crafts and robotics, to performing shows. 

  8. We believe that every child has unique talents, passions, and pace.

  9. We believe that creativity happens everywhere as long as you have your tools, and probably an inspiring place like a Garage, no matter how simple it is. And that it is important for the child to develop a connection with his tools. For this, we have every Garager having a Garager box, that he can take everywhere, with a brush, pen, and may be wires..

  10. We believe that it is important for children to have portfolios to showcase the works they have done, whether programs they have coded or DIY crafts they have made, or paintings they have drawn. In 2013 the MIT university announced that MIT would provide an option to submit a maker portfolio as part of a student’s college application process.

For more info check this casual presentation about how we work, or watch it as a video.

The Team


We are a family of artists, media producers, musicians, geeks, innovators and so much more. Passion and curiosity is what drives us, and to us, it is a lifestyle. We hope to invite more people to embrace such a lifestyle, and we hope to do that by liberating their imagination and unleashing their hidden potential.



We are facilitators, but not instructors. We believe in a constructive approach to learning which assumes that knowledge is not simply transferred from a teacher to a student, but is rather a collaboration of interaction and experience.



Founder & Chief Coach

Al Zahraa Sulaiman, our Creative Director,
And a whole bunch of passionate and talented individuals!
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