So What Does It Take to Be A Garager?



Mix Arts, Science & Technology

Ideas from science can executed through innovative means of technology in a crafty and artistic means to end up in a great final piece.

Re-invent old ideas in your own new way. 

Use familiar material in an unfamiliar ways. Take a common or recycled item and put it to new use in an unexpected way. Be inventive and original. Many things can be reconstructed or put to different uses in ininfinite ways.

You are a Maker 

Embrace your tools. Get your hands dirty. Enjoy the thrill of working with tools and materials to create a crafty and meaningful end product.

Do it with the spirit of champions: true achievers and with JOY!

Seek your next adventure and enjoy the journey to your next goal. Success is a journey, not a destination. Work with an end product in mind. Document and share your work. Make a trace and start filling your own track record and contributions in the world.

Re-use rather than consume

Consume responsibly. Consider the environment. Try recycling. Recycled crafts can turn to be very fun and cool thing to try.

Balance Autonomy and Collaboration

Master working solo to sharpen your knowledge and tools. But dedicate some time to work in groups. It will get you new skills and will inspire you in ways you may never think of on your own. It will allow everyone to be part of a larger whole.Be a good teamplayer. Participate effectively. Contribute to your team. Share the responsibility as well as the achievements.

Embrace DIY Tools

Execute your work so that it is always appreciated for its beauty or emotional power.

Make it a Lifestyle

You are always an inspired maker who embraces making as a lifestyle rather than a joyful excerice to be practiced in luxurious freetime. When you embrace those tenets deeply in your mindset and lifestyle, you are a Super Garager whose always ready to Imagine, Make, and Enjoy!

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