Being a Garager


In a nutshell, a Garager is the one who is in a constant endeavor to produce something beautiful, useful, and joyful through acts of imagine, make, and enjoy, and with the skillful utilization of the tools and resources around.

Garagers manufacture even the junk into beautiful, beautiful, or joyful stuff.

Being a Garager, is being yourself, discovering your passions, exploring, inventing, developing the skills, mastering the tools, engaging with the community, and enjoying life!

But being a Garager is a journey to be enjoyed with fellow Garagers in some unique setting and 

1. The Garagers Call

Every Garager knows The Garager Call by heart. We open and close our clubs' gatherings with The Garagers Call..

  • "G" for: Get Ready

  • "A" for: All Together

  • "R" for: Respect

  • "A" for: Achieve

  • "G" for: Great Ideas

  • "E" for: Enjoy

  • The Garage Kids: Imagine. Make. Enjoy!


2. The Garager's Toolbox

Every Garager adores his tools and masters his craft. You will find Garagers holding a box with different Garagy items. Whether one of Imagineering tools (a brush for example) or maker tools, such as scissors, glue, wires, motors, batteries, With The Garager Box in hand, The Garager has all it takes to turn junk into beautiful, smart, or joyful pieces. This is how we Garage awesomeness..  


3. Garage It Yourself (GIY)

Garagers love to explore, try, and make with their own hands. Any exciting recipe for a scientific experiment or crafts entice them to try to do it themselves. It is a mindset they adopt and a way of life.

4. Garager's Diary and Miles 

​Every Garager loves to make. And every thing he makes or produces with his imagination and tools needs contributes towards what we call Garager Miles (or G-Miles), which is certain number of projects before he becomes officially a Super Garager! Every G-Mile is recorded either in the Garager Diary and/or the online portfolio. 

5. Garager's Portfolio

The Garager keeps an online portfolio of the amazing stuff he created or produced.

6. Garager's Studio

The Garager is bound to a creative studio, a GARAGE, a safe and inspiring space that can be full of junk and different tools and props, at which he is free to explore, try, make, and enjoy! 

7. Garager's Mentor

In every Garage studio or Garage program there is a Chief Garager who is a master Garager that not only facilitates the workshops but more importantly helps little Garagers to plan and achieves their personal journey and miles. Every Garager is unique and has unique capabilities and passions. The Master Garager will help every Garager, on individual basis, to discover his/her unique passions and plan that part of the Miles journey accordingly. There are G-Miles that are shared by all Garagres, and there are miles that are customized to each Garager, with the help of the Master Garager, based on the individual passions. Also we do believe in the irreplaceable influence of a mentor/coach/ustad: The Chief..

8. Garage Trybs

Learning happens outdoor. Garagers join edutaining, adventurous, and fun trips (we call it Trybs, since it is adventurous trips done in a connected group of Garagers Tribe!). Trybs is part of the G-Miles that every Garager has to complete. 

9. The Garagathon

After every cycle of learning, we hold a Garagthon event, an open challenge where Garagers put their imagination, and the skills they learnt into practice.


We are a tribe called Garagers, and we want YOU (yes YOU!) to join us. 
Here is what does it mean to be a true Garager.
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